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Off The Shelf

Deep Shelves in a Wide Range of Lengths and Thicknesses

As the primary focus of, our aim is to provide a wide range've guessed it; wooden shelves! This not only includes a variety of lengths and thicknesses, but also the depth (or width as we refer to it).

One of the great things about buying from us is that we're the manufacturer of our own shelves, meaning that we're more than likely able to accomodate to your shelf sizes, no matter how narrow or wide. When browsing through a collection of shelves you'll find a variety of styles in several timbers, including oak shelves, pine shelves and walnut.

Having chosen the timber and style that you like, you're then given the different thicknesses and depths that the particular style and timber is available in. This can range from 100mm (4") in depth, all the way up to 300mm (12"), or even wider with a custom request. This of course has a number of benefits, including being able to buy shelves to fit a particular area, or for a particular purpose such as to place a dvd or sky box.

We often have deep pieces of timber in stock, ideal for those custom orders where you might like shelving deeper than what's available on our website. Where possible (and suitable) we machine all of our deep shelves in one piece, resulting in stunning pieces of natural timber that really stand out and become fantastic focal points.

So how do you find the deep shelves?

It's pretty simple really. First, start by choosing one of the timber categories (oak, pine or walnut shelving), or by the style of shelving that you'd like (modern, reclaimed or rustic shelves). From there you're met with the type of shelf that you're after. This includes bracketed wall shelves and floating shelves. We also have different types of shelves available, but as you're searching for deep shelves in particular then it's highly likely that our floating or bracketed ranges might just be what you're looking for.

For shelving that's wider than listed on the relevant product page, you're more than welcome to contact us. We'll discuss your shelving project, exactly what you're after and the current options in the length, thickness and width that you'd like. Of course as with all of our shelving, there are many different wood finishes that can be applied to your shelf, no matter the depth, length or thickness.

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