Chunky walnut shelves

Chunky Walnut Shelves

Our wide range of richly toned, stunningly detailed chunky walnut shelves have a premium look and feel. We machine all walnut shelves from start to finish, with all size variations available and finished in high quality oil.

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Our chunky walnut shelving


Our chunkiest of all walnut

Chunky walnut hallway shelves

Premium walnut shelving

Beautiful, unique chunky walnut shelves that add a touch of elegance to any living space. We handcraft all walnut shelving using only the best solid walnut timber, known for its stunning grain patterns and durability. The rich tones of this gorgeous wood bring natural warmth to any room.

Our chunky walnut shelving comes in a variety of sizes and styles and can be bought as standalone shelves, with brackets or concealed floating shelf fixings. Our modern walnut range is a particular head-turner, providing functionality and class with its minimalist design.