Slim walnut shelves

Slim Walnut Shelves

Make a statement in your home with our range of slim walnut shelves. We handcraft from stunning rich walnut wood to create shelves that add a touch of elegance to any room.

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Our ultra slim walnut shelf


Our standard slim walnut

Slim walnut hallway shelves

Slim & stylish walnut shelving

For anyone that knows walnut they’ll understand the premium quality of this beautiful richly toned timber. Machined to a 20mm or 25mm thickness our slim walnut shelving offers a stylish shelf that we finish in high-quality clear wax oil to bring the grain to life.

As with all of our walnut shelving, our slim range can be custom sized if customers can’t find the exact length and width they need from our standard options. Regardless of the size of shelf customers choose we ensure that each piece is finished to the highest standard.