Thick oak shelves

Thick Oak Shelves

High quality thick oak shelves made from gorgeous solid oak. All handcrafted by our team here in the UK and optionally custom cut to size and finished in a wide range of beautiful wax oils.

Hold tight, new products are almost ready and will be added here very soon.

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Our standard thick shelves


Our extra thick oak shelving

Thick oak shelf display

Thick robust wall shelves

Strong and sturdy oak shelves machined to our choice of 40mm or 45mm thicknesses. All of our thick oak shelves can be bought in your favourite style, from modern to rustic.

We choose beautiful solid oak with stunning grain detail to ensure that our customers receive only the best in solid oak shelving. Sitting in the middle of our thickness options, our thick shelves can be customised in size and colour as with all other shelf thicknesses in our oak range.