Thick wooden shelves

Thick Shelves

Our impressive thick shelves arrive machined and sanded in gorgeous oak, walnut and pine timber. As with all of our wooden shelves there are a wide range of sizes, styles and types of chunky wood shelves including bracketed and floating shelf options.

Just a quick note to say how pleased we are with the shelf we purchased from you, the quality, and customer service has been amazing.

Brian Corrin

The best in thick wooden shelves

Optionally made to measure, our thick wooden wall shelves offer the complete service from start to finish. Wide variety of sizes, styles and finishes too.

Thick wall shelves

Choice of fixings

Choose from our range of floating shelf fixings, bracketed options or standalone shelving units.

Made to measure

We can optionally trim your thick wooden shelf in the exact length and width you require, completely free of charge.

Thick walnut shelvesThick floating shelves

Handmade shelving

Reassuringly thick & sturdy

Our thick solid wood shelves are machined to a 35mm or 40mm finish, to fit in between our slim and chunky shelving ranges. Available in oak, pine and walnut we ensure that each shelf is finished using the same high standards to create a finished product that is strong, durable and sturdy.

As with all of our wooden shelving, our thick shelves can be optionally made to measure. Should you require a wooden shelf of a particular thickness, length or width we will ensure that we meet your custom requirements whenever possible.

Professionally finished

Wood oils & paints

We provide the same options for our thick wooden shelves as with our other shelf thicknesses, including wax oils and paints that have been carefully tested and hand-selected to ensure a stunning final finish.

With any oak and pine shelf, we provide options in several different colour options to help customers find the ideal wooden shelf for their existing decor. Our thick walnut shelving is finished in clear oil due to the rich grain and detail only requiring a clear finish to bring out the natural beauty of this wood.