Wall shelves

Wall Shelves

Our wide range of wooden wall shelves are made from beautiful solid timber and handcrafted in our UK woodworking shop. With a variety of styles, sizes and finishes we're confident that you'll find the perfect wooden shelf for your home.


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About our wooden wall shelves

Our highly popular wall shelves are machined from only the finest quality solid timbers. We offer a large variety of options in sizes, colours, and styles, helping us to lead the way in solid wooden wall shelving.

Based in the UK and manufacturers of our own solid wood shelving we can also facilitate made to measure wooden shelves for our customers who require custom sizes.

Standalone or bracketed shelving

In addition to our floating wall shelves, we also provide standalone and bracketed shelving, making it easy to buy shelves that are perfect for any room.

All are available in our wide range of standard sizes, or optionally custom cut.

Wooden wall shelves

Choice of beautiful brackets

We stock a range of iron wall brackets and wooden brackets to compliment our wooden wall shelves.

Stunning oil and paint finishes

Choose from a selection of eye-catching wood oils and paints to create the perfect wooden shelf for your home.

Modern chunky wall shelvesWalnut wall shelves

Bespoke shelving

Cut to size wall shelves

As manufacturers of our own range of wall shelving, we are able to work to exact measurements. If you can't find the size that works for you, our trimmed to size options offer the flexibility you might need when ordering.

We try to cover all bases when creating our shelving range. As such you will find small wall shelves that are ideal as decorative shelving or when placed in locations that are limited on space, to our large wall shelves that create stunning focal points in any room. The standard options we have cover sizes from narrow to wide, short to long and slim to more heavy duty chunky wall shelving.

If you're working to more precise requirements then we can provide custom wall shelves too. On each product page we have a 'trim to size' option to allow for cutting down to an exact size, whether it be in length, width or both.

Modern to rustic

Wall shelf style choices

As with our other shelving ranges, our wall shelves can be ordered in several styles from modern to rustic or reclaimed. Within each style are sub-styles which are variations of that "look" so that you're sure to find the shelf you like.

As an example, within our range of rustic wall shelves you will find light and heavy rustic variations of shelving, making it easy to find the exact size and style that you like. We've perfected techniques to make rustic shelves look natural whilst adding character and detail to achieve the desired industrial look.

Within the styles of wooden wall shelves that we make you will find many size variations and timber choices, including oak, walnut and pine. We make all from our UK shop to ensure a stunning result no matter your requirements.

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