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    Hold tight! We're busy sawing, cutting, sanding and generally making some new awesome shelving which will soon appear here.

    Stunning wall shelves in the perfect size and style

    Having spent the past several years crafting beautiful wooden wall shelves, our collection has developed into a wide range of shelving styles and sizes to suit near enough any room or surrounding. From our combination of shelf lengths, widths, thicknesses, styles and finishes we pride ourselves on offering exactly what our customers are after.

    Choosing a wooden wall shelf for your home

    More often than not, the choice of timber shelf will be down to personal preference, though sizes (specifically length and width) will depend on the location of where you plan on fitting your shelves. For example, existing furniture or walls can limit you with sizes. However, the style and thickness are options that you have much more control over.

    Among our range are several options in terms of thickness and also style. Without going in to detail about custom orders (where sizes can be to suit), we have 3 standard thicknesses of wall shelves for sale; thin, thick and chunky. Our thin timber shelves are finished to a 25mm (2.5cm / 1") thickness, which whilst the thinnest in our range, still provides sturdiness and fantastic visual appeal and is perfect for those looking for slimline shelves made from stunning solid timber. Our next thickness option is the thick 45mm (4.5cm / 1.75") wall shelf, which at almost double the thickness of our thin shelving range will be a beautiful solid piece of timber, crafted to emphasise the natural beauty that the individual piece possesses. Then we have the thickest wall shelves in our collection that are finished to a chunky 60mm (6cm / 2.35"). Available in the same styles as our thin and thick shelves, our chunky wall shelves are real head-turners that are perfect for creating focal points, whether it be for decorative or practical purposes mounted in a living room, bedroom, kitchen wall or elsewhere.

    Wall shelf options and styles

    Our softwood and hardwood wall shelves have a number of style options to choose from. Among these are modern, reclaimed and rustic wall shelves that have different looks and features. When combined with the natural character that wood provides and the optional finishes that can be applied to the timber shelves, every piece that we hand craft is truly unique. The modern wall shelf style features straight lines and smooth, sanded edges to give a contemporary look and showcase the beauty and character of the natural piece of timber.

    Our rustic shelving on the other hand is styled to display an aged appearance, and is available in different variations depending on how "rustic" you’d like the shelf to be. The light rustic shelf style consist of features that give the impression of an old antique piece of timber, including uneven worn corners, worm hole effects and rough sawn edges. When combined with our high quality wood finishes these features are really emphasised to make for an all round stunning looking rustic shelf. We also have a more distressed rustic shelf range, available in all widths and thickness options. Similar to our light rustic shelving, the distressed style features uneven corners and worm hole effects, but is also "roughed up" to create a weathered look that is in keeping with centuries old timber. Unlike many other sellers of rustic shelving, this distressed look gives a truly vintage and olden appearance without the smooth planed and sanded surfaces that replica aged shelves often have.

    For those after a genuine piece of history, our reclaimed wall shelves are for you. Sourced from specialist timber reclamation dealers, our reclaimed shelves can have a variety of appearances that naturally occur over time and are truly unique to each individual piece of timber. Unlike any handmade, machined shelf, genuine reclaimed shelves can show the wear and tear that only time can provide.

    Wooden wall shelf timbers and sizes

    Our current collections of wall shelves are crafted using hand selected solid oak, pine and timber. We pride ourselves on using beautiful timber that is fantastic to work with, and that’s also going to provide our customers with a shelf that provides unbeatable value for money. We spend the necessary time and effort on each wall shelf that we manufacture to ensure that it lives up to expectations. No rush jobs or cut corners!

    The available sizes for each shelf is clearly shown on each specific product page, though we try to ensure that we cover a wide variety of size combinations no matter which type or style of shelf that you’re after. Whether it be a small or large wall shelf that you’re looking for, we have you covered either by the available size options shown, or by our made to measure service that is available for custom orders when contacting us. The same can also be said for the depth/width of the shelf that you require. We have sizes of shelves from narrow to deep as standard, with custom options available too.

    Hand finished to perfection

    Although we have unfinished shelves available, which are crafted in the exact same method as our finished shelves, we also have wall shelving that is finished in a range of wood waxes, stains and oils. The products that we use are carefully selected and tested to ensure that the finish is high quality, available in a range of colours from light to dark, and that the finish used only adds to the overall appeal of the piece of timber used. Colour swatches and guides are available on product pages to give you an indication of the final finish and colour. Regardless of the size, style and type of wall shelf that you buy from our online shelving shop, you can rest assured that you’re buying high quality and satisfaction guaranteed.

    Do you know that you can order custom size wall shelves from us? Get in touch with your sizes and specifications.
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