Walnut shelves

Walnut Shelves

Our high end walnut shelves are one of our most stunning lines of shelving. Each individually handcrafted from only the best quality solid walnut with rich tones and exquisite grain detail.


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Thick modern walnut shelf close upThick modern walnut shelf front view

High-end walnut shelving

One of our favourite timbers both to work with and also in appearance, is walnut. Often seen as a luxurious, higher tier timber it has stunning rich tones and detail that once machined and oiled or varnished results in a truly impressive finish that really turns heads.

Rich tones & gorgeous grain

Our walnut shelving range is highly popular and for good reason. Each piece is crafted from the highest quality natural solid walnut, and with our combination of machining and finishing results in a truly stunning solid walnut shelf.

Walnut wall shelf

100% solid walnut

Our solid walnut shelves are just that - solid! No veneer or walnut effect, just high quality solid american walnut shelves, built to last.

Eye-catching grain

Our walnut wood shelves are truly impressive, demonstrating stunning detail and grain. The dark, rich tones of walnut is one of our personal favourites.

Hallway walnut shelvesWalnut shelf display

Bespoke walnut shelves

Custom cutting & finishing

As with all of our shelving ranges, our walnut shelves are completely customisable. We can machine to almost any length, width and thickness to suit your requirements, and can cater to custom specifications.

The walnut shelving unit that you buy from us is guaranteed to impress. We select only the best quality walnut that is going to demonstrate the character and detail you would expect from this gorgeous timber, no matter which finished size, type or style you choose to buy.

No.1 in walnut shelving

Unbeatable quality & value

Our aim is to not only provide a range of walnut wood shelves that are unrivalled in quality, but also at a price that represents great value for money. We make sure that every single walnut shelf we machine is of the highest standard.

A walnut wall shelf is certain to draw attention no matter which room it's situated; a living room, hallway, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or elsewhere! We ensure that we offer short to long, narrow to wide, slim to thick walnut shelves so you can buy your perfect walnut wall shelf in your favourite rustic or modern style.