Floating shelves

Floating Shelves

High quality solid wooden floating shelves, featuring a wide variety of styles, timbers, sizes and finishes. All shelving handmade by us in beautiful natural timber and optionally custom sized.


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About our floating shelves

One of our most popular ranges of wooden shelving is the floating shelf. Do away with visible shelf brackets and choose one of our styles of floating shelves in a size and finish to suit any room.

The floating shelf system

When fitted, our wooden floating shelves appear like they're, well...floating! The brackets that we use remain hidden from view, allowing for a true floating shelf effect and are easy to fit into the pre-drilled holes in each supplied shelf.

Floating shelf display

Choice of finishes

We offer a selection of wax oil and painted finishes on all floating wooden shelving.

Choice of styles

Our floating shelves are styled in a modern or rustic appearance to suit any home decor.

Light wooden floating shelvesWooden floating shelves

Hardwoods and softwoods

Choice of shelf timbers

We machine and supply our timber floating wall shelves in Oak, Pine, Walnut and Ash so that our customers have a choice in terms of appearance and also price. We have a wide selection of floating shelves no matter the budget.

Our finishing options available on all of the floating shelving ranges offer the ability to find your ideal colour, having already selected the perfect length, width and thickness. The final appearance can be further customised using our modern or rustic styling.

Being manufacturers of our own wooden shelving ranges, we can also create bespoke floating shelves in the wood, style and size that you require. Get in touch should you need something you can't find as we can usually facilitate extra long or wide floating shelves too.

Bespoke sizes and shapes

Custom floating shelves

As with our other ranges of wooden shelving, our high quality floating shelves can be made to measure to suit almost any size, in any style and in any of our wood finishes. Have something out of the ordinary? Get in touch and we'd happy to discuss your ideas.

Our floating shelf product pages have standard length and width options to choose from, and optional free trimming to size. Whether it be small floating shelves to fit in an alcove or where wall space is often limited, such as a bathroom or bedside, or long floating shelves to create focal wall displays in kitchens, living rooms or hallways we have the variety you need.

Similar to our length options we also have different depths and thicknesses to select from. We have narrow to deep floating shelves, and slim to chunky shelving with more heavy duty bracket options available too.

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