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Getting to know us. was born out of a passion to create high quality, handmade timber shelving and become the go-to website for any wooden shelves and accessories.

We strive to create beautiful shelving and give every shelf the attention it needs to exceed our customers' expectations, no matter how large or small the order.

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Why timber shelves?

Timber Shelves was established in 2016 by Justin Brown to meet the increasing demand for high quality pine, walnut and oak shelves. Having experience making many timber products for the past several years, Justin created Timber Shelves to showcase a new range of handcrafted shelving, with the aim of supplying beautiful shelves for timber lovers.

Having spent considerable time perfecting several styles of shelves, the team at the Timber Shelves workshop have developed a highly popular range of wooden shelves that offer customers a wide choice, yet all visually stunning. Featuring several different styles including modern, rustic and reclaimed, the shelving products available to buy have been designed to meet the needs of a variety of customers.

What do we do

As the name might suggest, our team specialise in creating wooden shelves, and as such use a range of hardwoods and softwoods to create beautiful pine, walnut and oak shelves in different sizes and styles. High quality and satisfaction has been the long-standing priority of all members of the Timber Shelves team, focusing on crafting unbeatable solid timber shelves.

The Timber Shelves workshop is based in the heart of the UK, and consists of woodworkers that share the same professionalism and enthusiasm as our founder. Albeit small in number, our team handle all stages of shelving production, from start to finish. As a consequence, each individual piece is given the time and focus it needs to become the stunning end product that are shown throughout our product ranges.

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