Illuminate Your Space: Floating Shelves with LED Lights

Floating shelves with LED lights

The charm of lighting and the functionality of shelving come together in the form of floating shelves with lights that fit underneath in neatly routed grooves, which is an intriguing decor element that has been gaining popularity recently.

Whether you're drawn towards pine, walnut or oak floating shelves with lights in a modern or rustic style, these illuminated wooden shelves cater to varied aesthetic preferences and utility needs.

The Versatility of Floating Shelves with Lights

Why are floating shelves with built-in LED lights becoming such a coveted interior design element? There are several reasons and we'll discuss a few of them below.

Aesthetic Appeal and Ambiance

Floating shelves with lights underneath deliver an enchanting aesthetic impact to any space they occupy. They seem to float which is the whole purpose of these types of shelves in particular, adding a minimalist and modern touch, while the lights enhance their visual impact, adding depth and setting a mood with shadows and light.

Practical Lighting Solution

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, lights for floating shelves also serve a practical purpose. They provide an added source of illumination, brightening up dark corners or setting the perfect mood in your living area or bedroom. In some situations adding shelves (which offer fantastic storage and display options) can make an area look dark without considering lighting. Shelves with lights built in can solve this issue perfectly, whilst offering all of the other benefits of using beautiful wooden shelves in your home.

Efficient Space Utilisation

A wooden shelf with lights also contributes to space efficiency. These shelves save floor space, help reduce clutter, and eliminate the need for additional lamps, giving your rooms a more organised and spacious look.

Buying Shelves with Lights to Suit Your Style

Custom floating shelves with lights are available in a plethora of styles, materials, and designs on our website, catering to different interior design themes.

Sleek & Modern

If you're a fan of sleek lines, clean design, and a modern vibe, modern floating shelves with lights built in to the underside of the shelf are fantastic additions to nearly any room. They're sleep and classy, ideal for contemporary and minimalist homes.

Rustic Styling

If your aesthetic leans more towards rustic or farmhouse themes, consider oak floating shelves with lights in our rustic styles. The warmth of the oak wood combined with soft, warm lights can create a cosy, inviting atmosphere. We also provide rustic shelving in our pine range for an alternative softwood variation.

Living room with floating shelf lights

Choosing the Perfect Floating Shelves

Making the right choice when it comes to wooden shelves involves considering several factors beyond just the design:

Size and Placement

The first step is to decide where you'll place the shelves. This will determine the size that will fit perfectly in that space, ensuring the floating shelves with lights complement the overall decor without overwhelming the space, and making the wall showcase the lighting provided by the shelves. We have a wide range of standard sizes, though also cater to custom sizes too.

Material and Durability

Different materials offer different aesthetics and durability. Our wooden shelves with lights are available in oak, walnut and pine allowing customers to choose a material that matches your decor and can withstand the weight of the items you plan to display.

Lighting Style and Colour

Consider the style of lighting you prefer - LED strips, puck lights, or ambient backlights. Also, consider the colour of the lights - warm yellow, cool white, or even multicoloured lights can significantly alter the vibe of the space.

Floating Shelves Installation & Maintenance

So, you've chose your ideal floating oak shelves with lights from our website, what's next?

Step-by-Step Installation

The installation process can be a fun DIY project. With the right tools, patience, and safety precautions, you can have your floating shelves up in no time. We strongly recommend ensuring the wall is strong and solid, being able to support the floating wall fixings.

Depending on the depth of the shelf and customers' personal preferences we are able to supply either floating shelf support brackets or threaded bar fixings along with our floating wooden shelves. For help with step-by-step installation we can be contacted for tips and guidance in getting your shelves up safely.

Cleaning and Upkeep

Regular maintenance will keep your shelves looking new and prolong their lifespan. If you choose any of our wax oil or varnish finishes your shelf will look as good as new for years to come, however a regular wipe down or dusting won't go amiss in ensuring the shelves maintain their stunning appearance.

A regular dusting and appropriate cleaning solution based on the shelf material will keep your shelves looking great. For the lights, ensure they're switched off and cooled before cleaning.

Wrapping It Up

Incorporating floating shelves with lights into your decor is a fantastic way to blend style and functionality. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of oak floating shelves with lights or the modern appeal of floating shelves with built-in LED lights, there's a design to suit your style on our website. To answer a few of your questions we've provided a FAQ section below, but get in touch if you need any help on choosing your floating shelves.


How much weight can floating shelves with LED lights hold?

The weight limit depends on the construction and material of the shelves, but more so the strength of the wall and fixing. As a standard rule we prefer to recommend no more than 20kgs including the weight of the shelf itself, although threaded bar fixings are stronger and able to hold more weight than floating shelf brackets.

Are the lights replaceable in these shelves?

Most often, they are, but it varies depending on the specific brand of LED lights and how they are fixed into the shelf.

Is it possible to adjust the brightness of these lights?

Some shelves feature adjustable brightness, while others do not. It's best to check product details before buying the lighting to ensure you're happy with the light colour and options before fitting.

Are these floating shelves with lights safe?

We highly recommend only buying LED lights with correct certification, but having done so the shelves themselves will be safe to use with LED lights.

Does maintenance require special care?

Regular cleaning is usually enough with a light dusting, but for the lights, it's best to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer which may include avoiding any liquid products when cleaning.

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