High Quality Floating Shelves: The Ultimate Guide to Oak, Walnut & Pine

High quality floating shelves

Floating shelves are an attractive and practical addition to any home, offering a functional storage area whilst also adding an eye-catching focal point to a wall. Our wooden floating shelves can be bought in a wide variety of style and size options, making them perfect no matter which room and decor style you’re trying to complement.

In this article, we will delve in to discuss how to buy high-quality floating shelves made from oak, walnut, and pine timber, and provide expert advice on choosing the perfect shelves for your home.

We understand that selecting the right floating shelves can be overwhelming, given the vast range of options available on our website. To make your decision easier, we will guide you through the factors that contribute to the quality of these shelves, and discuss how they can work seamlessly with different home decor styles.

The Benefits of Oak, Walnut, and Pine Floating Shelves

  • Oak: Known for its strength and durability, oak floating shelves are an excellent choice for those seeking a long-lasting and timeless addition to their home. Oak wood features a dense grain pattern, which not only provides a unique aesthetic but also enhances the shelf's resistance to wear and tear. Furthermore, oak is less likely to warp over time, ensuring that your floating shelves will maintain their shape and structural integrity.

  • Walnut: Walnut floating shelves offer a sophisticated and contemporary look, thanks to their rich colour and striking grain patterns. With their natural resistance to moisture, walnut shelves are perfect for use in various rooms, including kitchens and bathrooms when used with our recommended wax oils or varnishes. Additionally, walnut is a hardwood, which means it is more resistant to scratches and dents than softer woods like pine.

  • Pine: Pine floating shelves are a versatile and cost-effective option, with their light colour and suitability to most room styles. Pine wood is relatively soft and easy to work with, making it an ideal choice for customers wanting a specific style from our modern and rustic options. As a sustainable and fast-growing wood, pine is also an environmentally friendly choice for those who are conscious of their ecological footprint.

Design Tips for Floating Shelves

When it comes to incorporating floating shelves into your home, consider these design tips to enhance your space further:

  1. Balance: Create a sense of balance and harmony by arranging items of varying heights and sizes on your floating shelves. This will help draw the eye and create visual interest.

  2. Colour Coordination: For a cohesive look, choose items that complement the colour scheme of your room. Alternatively, you can use your floating shelves as a canvas to introduce pops of colour that contrast with the room's overall palette.

  3. Grouping: Group similar items together, such as a collection of vases or photo frames, for a more curated and visually appealing display.

  4. Negative Space: Don't be afraid to leave some empty space on your floating shelves. This will prevent the display from looking cluttered and help draw attention to the items you have chosen to showcase.

  5. Functionality: When styling your floating shelves, consider their primary function in the room. For example, if you're using shelves to store cookbooks in the kitchen, ensure they are easily accessible and not overshadowed by decorative items or in hard to reach areas.

Customising Your Floating Shelves

For those who want a truly unique and personalised touch, consider customising your floating shelves. This can be achieved in several ways through our website:

  • Oil Tints: Choose from our selection of wax oils colours to complement or contrast with your room's decor. This can help to create a statement piece that stands out.

  • Varnish or Oil: If you prefer to maintain the natural wood look, we can apply a varnish or clear oil that enhances the wood's grain and protects it from damage. Choose a matte, satin, or glossy finish, depending on your preference and the style of your room.

  • Decorative Brackets: While floating shelves are typically designed with concealed brackets, you can opt for decorative brackets with any shelf type and style you find on our website to add an extra touch of detail to your wall shelf.

  • Lighting: Incorporate lighting into your floating shelves to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. LED strip lights or small spotlights can be used to highlight your display items and add a sense of depth to the shelves.

Transform Your Home with High Quality Floating Shelves

Selecting the best floating shelves for your home doesn’t need be a difficult task. By considering the material, style, size and finish, you can confidently choose oak, walnut, or pine shelves that will not only enhance your home decor but also provide a durable and functional storage solution.

Remember to consider how floating shelves can be seamlessly integrated into various rooms in your home, offering practical storage and an attractive display for your favourite items. Use our design tips and customisation options to create a truly unique and personalised touch that reflects your taste and style.

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